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This photo is of the Holocaust.  This is how my family who did not make it to America, and primarily came from Russia near the Polish border, was killed.  As Jews of the Diaspora, this is where my ancestors ultimately fled to following our expulsion from Judea—modern-day Israel and our ancestral homeland.  In the Pale of Settlement, or Western Russia, the Nazis entered the shtetlach—small towns Jews were forced to live in, made the men dig large pits in the forest, and in two days, they lined up and shot every Jewish resident. They threw their bodies into the pits and covered them with dirt whether they were dead or alive. The Holocaust was the result of intolerance of those who were different and new findings I have read from reputable sources put the mass murder at close to 20 million now—non-Jews included.  These were my people.

Due to an intolerant evangelical among us on WordPress, I will be moderating all comments from here on out.  I assumed this would be the price I would pay for revealing a core part of my identity—the fact that I am indeed a Jew and damn proud, just as my father taught me to be.  It was after much thought, and 7 months, that I revealed this through a post after my younger brother said, “If you were black, you couldn’t hide your skin.” Good point.  I was tired of hiding.

If this individual continues to be a nuisance, I will reblog their post and my reply to it.  Then, everyone will know who they are, while they currently hide behind their public blog that is not attached to their Gravatar.  If you visit my blog due to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, please be forewarned, as they don’t care for anyone that isn’t like them and are quite frank about it.

I have no problem with Christians and some of you may be surprised to know that I’m often commenting away on the blog of a wonderful, devout, Christian woman who is almost a diplomat she is so neutral.  I recently called her a mensch and she assured me this behavior was against her Christian beliefs. She, and her plethora of followers, are aware I am Jewish and we all get our turn stating our mind.  It’s a wonderful blog for me.  Of course, I have lived in a Christian country my entire life.  However, cyber bullying is rather juvenile; it’s quite cowardly in my opinion.  I have endured much worse in the public schools I attended by the Christian kids, but as an adult, I will not sit by while the intolerant, anti-Semitic right-wingers in the U.S. try to have their way.

Long live civil liberties; long live in memory my heroes—the great founders of the Civil Rights Movement, and long live being a tolerant person, regardless of one’s culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, and so forth.  By all means, I will continue to write from a minority perspective and make jokes at the expense of others, but this is in good humor. Oy vey!  There is no room for bigotry on this blog, period.

I love you all and you know who you are–my best blogging friends–and just friends–in the world!  You may still comment away… Your comments will just be waiting for approval, unfortunately.  I hope to see you soon, as I will be posting my oddities per usual.  Life goes on…

*This post has been slightly altered from the original as I finally figured out how to provide links!

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  1. terry1954 says:

    …..We carry a shell to cover our inner feelings. If people would listen first most, and then peel the shell gently, the covering would fall a way showing the most beautiful pearl in the world………………this is who you are to me……………a beautiful pearl………..

  2. 1hundredworks says:

    We are all just pieces of flesh guided by a brain doing stuff we don’t care about. All of us are inflicted by the same diseases, face the same turmoils of life and end up dead. Who cares about religion, nationality or anything else for that matter?

    It’s sad that we need to moderate influence from others, not just on internet but in real life as well. Some people are just too negative to handle. Others, like you, smile and kick problems in the nuts relentlessly 🙂

    Hope you meet better people in future.


    • Thanks so much, Akhil. I love what you wrote and in real life, I have been known to kick these types in the nuts (as discussed). I also have a LOUD mouth. Not such a fan of the internet at the moment, where the bigots hide behind their computers and gadgets. Reminds me of the KKK (if familiar) hiding behind their hoods.

      How stupid is it? You’re my partner-in-humor from another country. Who else can do the Airplane jokes like you? Like I give a crap where you’re from! I have met better people–like you!

      A 😉

  3. londenberg says:

    I hear ya, I am also jewish but my family is not one of the treasured families seen in new York or in california. my mother was a single mom with 3 boys-outcasted from her family & her religion, she was forced to change her last name out of fear & secrecy. she transferred this mental barrier onto me unknowningly which has made me into a reclusive type of writer/Arthur/blogger that I am. at times, I lurk in the shadows when I recall those hollowed days of my youth as a child and yet at other times so called friends deliver to my door scotch whiskey & cigars with some warm French bread.

    but here is my stop, this is where I get off. i’m just another face in this crowd, here to help for a moment. I’m not an educated ivy league writer. But what I am is an imperfect soul, with chippings & jagged edges, displayed thru my misspellings shown in much of my writing. And yet even with my imperfections, I was chased down by a bunch of crazed, wild eyed college kids & fans who were wanting to know what happens next in my fantasy novel, “LondenBerg by Lord Biron”. I never wanted any sort of fame but all I wanted was to be a face in your crowd. Wait a second, you got to be kidding me. I better grab my coffee, laptop & a taxi because here they come again!

    • Hi Londenberg,

      I appreciate someone who doesn’t know me leaving a personal comment like yours and I’m sorry about your mother’s story. Part of my mother’s side lived in hiding due to ending up in the Plains. I’m no Jewish American Princess (nor from NY or CA), so I got you, brother. My family came from Chicago pre-WWII (ehh, still pretty Jewish) and I grew up in Seattle–rather Scandinavian back then.

      In all honesty, I don’t like to be a face in the crowd. I’m very proud of my ethnicity, religion, and roots and people in the real world know I’m Jewish within 5 minutes (well, some things may be obvious, like the jewelry I wear). As Jackie Mason (hate his politics) said, “I’m as Jewish as a matzoh ball!” My friends were mainly black, Asian, Latino, etc. and I don’t like hiding or secrets! I owe it to those who came before me–the ones with less rights–to speak my mind.

      Glad you stopped by and success with the writing…
      A 🙂

    • I dropped by your blog. Good stuff. Did you play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons as a kid? Just kidding and good for you! I would have no knack in the fantasy genre. The world is all b/w to me. Things were a bit of a mess yesterday and I was exhausted so I don’t think I realized you’re published! Mazel Tov! Also, I corrected the spelling of your user name. Sorry, I have low vision due to keratoconus and miss letters in new words (and old ones). Londenberg or LondenBerg by Lord Biron. Gotta love it!


  4. wellbeingdawn101 says:

    Excellent post A, be proud of who you are and your heritage. I too have no time for bigots and narrow minded individuals. Name and shame!


  5. dyspatient says:

    crimeny. And sheesh. And wtf. I don’t get people sometimes. I guess moderating is the way to go. But what a world.

    • I know and thanks for your support, as always. I’m very frustrated because I’m someone who’s very loyal and have spoken up for others my whole life. I have no tolerance for this and once again, I’m the target. You know, my wonderful, Chicagoan grandfather born in the teens told me in my youth, “If someone hates blacks, they hate Jews.” I never forgot that. He dealt with the restricted neighborhoods in Chicago and all that BS and was tough as nails.

      My grandfather and his brothers owned a business in Seattle after the war and were referred to as the 4 (fill in Jewish surname) brothers. They needed a Director of Operations in the ’50s and they hired a man, who happened to be black, who worked with them until the end (and owned a home and had a new T-Bird every few yrs as the story goes). He was referred to as the 5th (fill in Jewish surname) brother long before anyone heard of a preacher named MLK. This is how I was raised.

      On a lighter note, as I am not a holier than thou person, I did make fun of 2 hookers sneaking out of the motel tonight and falling out of their tube top dresses and will continue to rank on the Super Size Americans just like Jay Leno, who’s not my fav. They take the handicap parking and scooters at dreky WalMart that the disabled need due to no fault of their own. Dammit!

      A 🙂

  6. Hi, I just wanted to say I’m sorry that you have to moderate your comments due to a person finding out your Jewish. How pathetically sad. But I am grateful you’re blogging and will be checking in with you.

  7. Thank you, Ruth. I appreciate your support very much and love your blog as you know. You are quite special in my mind. I have to keep blogging, just as my ancestors kept surviving–through the thousands of years of persecution and the pogroms in the Pale that brought them here. American meant freedom, but if I were in better health, I would just make aliyah to Israel, a luxury they didn’t have. I am sick and my days of fighting are taking their toll. I could have just quietly moderated comments and confused people, but intolerance needs to be spoken of and we all need to take heed. Those who turn a blind eye to injustice are as cowardly as this individual. I took note that today is the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King. Tolerance.

    Blessings to you, my friend,
    A x

  8. It sucks that people can’t keep from writing nasty things. I wouldh’t do that. You have my back. 🙂

    • Hey KJ,

      Thanks so much for your nice comment! I have yours if need be! Hope the KC isn’t driving you crazy and you’re still surfing away. Thanks for the follow too, but I think you’re double-following me now! Haha. Blame the KC, right? Will check back on your blog when things settle down over here.

      Take care, girlfriend,
      A 🙂

  9. Bhavya says:

    There should be absolutely no reason for us to hide ourselves or to not speak our mind or to be not proud of what we are, as long as we don’t hurt anybody, its fine.
    Hippocratic people are everywhere; but there are really beautiful people out there you need to meet. Wish you all the luck 🙂

  10. Thank you, Bhavya–I couldn’t agree more! I recognize you from 1hundredworks and have no idea how to link things, but just sent some support to Akhil (this better not be one of his jokes!). I have found a few good gems on WordPress and am grateful for all the support I’ve received, although I just wanted to wake people up to intolerance. Thank for the follow and I will bookmark you–think I saw a blog on blogspot–as I don’t follow people due to having low vision (and inability to wear special contacts) for keratoconus. My inbox is one big distorted mess!

    Thank you again! Wonderful to meet new friends from exciting places…
    A 🙂

    • Bhavya says:

      Thank you. I have been reading your comments on 1hundredworks as well and that’s how I came to your blog.
      As for Akhil, I partly suspect its a joke, especially considering the fact that he getting fired from office coincidentally fell on the ‘F’ day of the AtoZ Challenge. Let’s just hope it is only a prank 😛

      Leaving you a link to my blog, in case you feel like visiting when you’re bored or something. 🙂

      Take Care.
      Just Another Blog

      • I was just posting a comment that got eaten up! Something always goes wrong unless I’m here at WP. I did have a suspicion about ol’ Akhil. It was the F! Little stinker! I’m going to get him if this was one of his pranks!

        Will attempt to tackle Blogger or wherever you are again!
        Take care!

  11. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported me, left comments against intolerance, and shared personal stories. I am humbled and deeply appreciate you all. People have come out of the woodwork and new friends have emerged and this is how the world should be.

    I am one who speaks my mind and rights wrongs and have been so all my life. To those on WordPress who I have given tremendous support to, been a shoulder to lean on, and have extended lifelines to and have remained silent on this post, I say, “Shame on you.” You are no friend of mine. This was yet another lesson learned, as the individual who started this all was someone I reluctantly befriended, as well.

    To those who feel this is not their issue due to being the majority and not the minority, let me assure you that history repeats itself and you’re time may come, as well. If you are white in North America (United States and Canada), you are quickly becoming a minority. Anyone in the world with internet access has some semblance of the right to free speech and to use it based on moral judgement. We all have the decision to watch someone drown or extend a hand and pull them from the sea and we can all make the world a better place–it starts with one person doing what is right.

    An excerpt from MLK’s famous speech “I have been to the mountain top”. He gave this speech on April 3, 1968 and was assassinated the next day:

  12. gwilsonfans says:

    I’m a conservative Christian and I’ve been attacked because of my conservative beliefs.

    • Hi gwilsonfans,

      Appreciate you sharing your experience. In all honesty, I’m not sure what you consider conservative beliefs, as this issue was with an intolerant evangelical Christian who believes their religion is the only real religion, and thus superior to all others. I stated in my post that I do have a blogging friend that is a devout Christian, but doesn’t proselytize or preach–I wouldn’t hang around if she did! I tend to be wary of the word “conservative” in general. I have been attacked my whole life, so par for the course just for being born a Jew. I am not from a converting religion and don’t discuss my religious beliefs with non-Jews as there is no need.

      It indirectly came out that I was Jewish in a post where I used a lot of Yiddish, so I wasn’t sharing my religious beliefs as this blog is about health issues–or was. It’s also my ethnicity and culture, as I’m not that religious, and I felt I couldn’t write honestly without talking the way I do in real life. I don’t care for intolerance in any form, but tolerance does not mean tolerating the intolerant! Due to 5,000 yrs of persecution, it’s hard for some of us to relate to the majority being attacked (and not murdered or forced from their homeland or tormented since they were children in school in the US). Enough said. I am heavily moderating this blog and if I come across as rude, it is just my way of protecting myself as you have a generic gravatar and a short comment and could very well be this individual or their friends trying to sneak in here. Figured I would respond out of courtesy, regardless.


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