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What to do when confronted with hate speech—whether in the spoken or written word?  I shall save the former, a TKO tale, for another day, but as for the latter, I turned to the host of this blog—WordPress.  They can and do suspend sites, although they shy away from the tricky subject of hate speech, which has gone all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Regardless, when it comes to offensive posts and blogs, they suggest you reply to them and also that you write your own post and “speak you mind,” and thus, here we are.

In America, hate speech has often been found to be in violation of the First Amendment, which grants us the right to free speech, among other things.  For those who are non-Americans, take the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment with a grain of kosher salt.  To put it in layman’s terms, you cannot falsely yell, “Fire” in a crowded movie theater (Schenck v. United States).  Cases involving libel and slander can be legally pursued and often are.

While some of us in the world embrace diversity and accept others who are not like ourselves, there are those who are intolerant—usually due to their upbringing and the biases of those they surround themselves with.  There are those who turn a blind eye to these types and those who fight to the bitter end.

I am not interested in fighting; I am interested in righting a wrong.  The person whose hate speech started my ordeal on WordPress is not being much of a nuisance anymore—not surprising to me at all.  It takes real chutzpah to speak up, yet that is all I know.  However, the snowball began with this one individual and then the true colors of others came out—also not surprising based on personal experience. However, to get it from a fellow, non-white person was surprising for this round-the-way girl.

This past week, I was included in a hoax—a prank post if you will—on someone’s blog.  I do not care for pranks as they make fun of the innocent and are juvenile.  As my blog and I were linked to the prank, without any knowledge of it or any forewarning, it made my former post look like a hoax, too. I tried in good faith to rectify the problem and make amends,  but it appears this blogger, who is possibly posing as 2 people, was simply stringing me along until they could post again.

I revisited their blog, as I normally do, only to find a nonsensical post on grammar, which then alluded to the written word and English, which is not their native language, and prefacing all this was a quote by Hitler from Mein Kampf, to prove their point that the spoken word was more powerful than the written word—per a madman who should be taken seriously and quoted.  Wow!  The quote, which also had punctuation errors, contradicts the entire post regarding the linkage between grammar, English, words, and writing (written word) and how they are so “good” at English, which is a rather pompous statement, but good for them—go take a course in 20th century world history now. The most ironic part is Hitler would have despised this person as much as me, as their race from a far away land was once referred to as “colored”—a disgraceful term but part of not-so-archaic English.

Following WordPress’ guidelines, I left a long comment regarding the quote and referenced the Nazi Party’s use of written media—via 3 reputable sites—as the primary source for spreading their propaganda in the 1930s until their defeat in 1945.  I received a rude reply that they had read Mein Kampf—something to be proud of—and other “controversial books,” such as The Da Vinci Code, which I could care less about reading, is oh-so high brow, and is on the .99¢ shelf at your local bookstore in the States.  I was told I would not get an apology, not that I asked for one.  If you write inflammatory posts, expect critics to call you out.

I have numerous quotes on my blog now, and all from admirable people.  My life’s motto comes from a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  However, this person intentionally chose to quote from a madman, no different than if they had quoted from Ted Kaczynski’s Manifesto.  Should I refer to the doctors I dislike as Nazis—or worse—Mengeles?  Oh, yes—they referred to being Nazi-like with their English if I recall.  Should I quote from Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge who massacred at least one million of the intellectuals in Cambodia as they were a threat or perhaps from the Akazu—the Hutus who masterminded the killing of more than half a million Tutsi countrymen in Rwanda simply to make a point that contradicts my post?

I would not and I will not, as doing so is hate speech and simply goes against my values, not to mention the golden rule (from the Christians!)—and forget the fact that the mention of these subhumans makes me want to vomit.  This post at hand is not hatemongering—something WordPress dislikes.  It is calling a spade a spade, which is what they suggested I do: write a post about the issue before involving them in the matter.  Thus, I did what WordPress suggested and I also asked this individual to stop following my blog, which they finally did after the 2nd time I asked and numerous comments sent my way.

In summary, as the wise Buddha said, “Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care, for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or evil.”  What a wonderful quote on the spoken word, instead of one by Hitler, which referred to the persuasive abilities of the spoken word to commit evil.

Like the wise Buddha, I choose to do good, even if I had a laugh at the expense of a dark-skinned Nazi sympathizer.

An example of spoken word in all its glory and yes, “I am Jewish.”  Thank you, Andrew—bring on your mastery on the anniversary of the day I became a Bat Mitzvah:

Slam this!

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  1. wellbeingdawn101 says:

    Hey A

    Another excellent and well written post. Another quote from the wise Buddha …. Do not dwell on the past, worry about the future, but concentrate your mind on the present moment. In other words don’t let these Internet trolls ruin the blogging experience for you, the past is the past try and forget these nasty individuals and continue blogging. You have lots of wise words and help to give people, a very valuable gift indeed.


  2. Hey D,

    Thanks for your words of wisdom, via the wise Buddha. I have no idea why I always say, “The wise Buddha.” Ha! Present moment is that mindfulness topic I was joking about the other day I think! Lol. Well, I must say it’s difficult when this snowball has only included former blogging friends. Let’s redefine friends, shall we? I know what you stand for and have no worries about you, my friend! So, as promised, I will continue to write on subjects that matter (including the MIstys) and hope I can be done with this topic! Ugh! If not, I have my consultants at WP–based in the US of A (thought they were British–but no!).


  3. Beautiful post, once again (am not surprised!). Loved the video. If I were still teaching I would have made it an assignment for the kids in class. 🙂

    • Thanks. I will always fight back, even if my blog is probably coming to an end. Part of surviving is knowing when it’s time to go–something I have had posted on the fridge since the last disaster in my life. C’est la vie…

      • Noooo!!!!! Your blog cannot come to an end. It can’t be like that.

        You are an amazing writer – an intelligent person who has amazing things to say. Things I want to learn about and be made aware of in this crazy world that humans have created. There are things which are awful – the way people think and behave – and it’s hard to live with that but still I have come to the conclusion that many people are just “off”. It has nothing to do with me or the good sound people I know. What is left of me, I will not give them – I am fighting back but in somewhat of a detached way so that I do not get consumed..

        I’m sorry for being away like this and not being the caring friend that I should. I do think of you a lot – and read you as well. 🙂

        Hang in there my friend. You have one of the most amazing blogs and I wouldn’t want to lose you.

        Good sunnight. xox

  4. Well, I appreciate your thoughts, Sheep. The are many things at play: what happened to me on WP that was so upsetting, the fact that nearly everyone is gone now, my attempts to reach out to other bloggers in order to find new friends on here (how I 1st found people and nothing–unless it’s a 90/10 and we’re on their blog all the time), so why bother?! It’s like talking to the wall, which I do in real life.

    I really started this blog (via my brother due to my vision then) to provide patient info about CXL, as I couldn’t find anything before my surgery. Then I got reblogged and felt like I should keep writing and then reached out to others (sure wish I hadn’t with some!). I’m a scholarly writer by nature so my posts are exhausting to me. They are long and time consuming and I still write in a scholarly format (just rote now), but all the editing is so hard on my body and vision. Not being a perfectionist would help!

    What I got out of blogging (after getting the CXL info out) was finding friends, which is rather laughable now as you can see. I am very isolated due to many factors and felt like I finally had friends again (after so long) and was my old, social-self and laughing again and almost addicted to my damn inbox! I don’t do social networking and wasn’t aware how superficial and phony many (not all) online friends are. I had an idea I should keep a low profile, but should have been even more careful. Makes me miss the old days even more!

    Long reply. I am so disfranchised right now–have no clue. I haven’t been writing; my last post was an older draft. Time will tell with this one. I hope if it does come back, I can manage the blog and my time better (due to my health) and learn to read people online better (good at it in real life). My body was really a mess! Now my sense of well-being is a mess!

    Take care and thanks for your thoughts–much appreciated… I will add that when I heard nothing from you, I was really saddened by that. It surprised me as much as the good blogging friend (wrong word) who I wrote about in this post. Just telling it like it is… Hope I can get over that as forgiveness is a hard concept for me.

  5. I beg your forgiveness for the pain I have caused you by being selfish as I have been focusing on my troubles only. I’m not getting anywhere when I do that and lose touch some of the most important people in my life. Really.I feel ostracized enough as it is and by crawling back into my shell I cause more harm (and I can’t begin to tell you in how many ways). I live and breath not only what we’re going through here (my girls and I – you and so many other bloggers) but also what I see in the schools where I teach – some kids who are not feeling well but are left at that. And I know when I see a little girl with dilated pupils who can’t run in the gym that I am looking at my daughter when she was that age and I don’t know what to do to help that child before it is too late – I am so mad at society, mad at the medical system, and mad at everyone who are deaf and or blind. I’m totally consumed and have to find a way to deal with all these emotions but I can’t even think anymore – I can barely write.

    I am drawn to you not only because you are an amazing writer, but because I hear you as I hear my own daughter – I can’t know how you feel because I am not you but your reply deeply touches me as I do know that my own child is living as you are in so many ways.

    • Hi Sheep,

      Thanks and I appreciate your honesty. It goes beyond my illness, which may be confusing as I don’t have a diary-style blog where I just kvetch about all my problems everyday. There are lots of styles on here and none are better than the other–that’s just not for me and it wouldn’t help me. I’m a teacher by nature, but I frequent blogs like that and then you can understand that ins and outs in vivid detail of how these people’s maladies affect them. I turn mine into a lesson, so it may be confusing as to how much EDS and KC really do affect me. I get that!

      This is me–I’m someone who tries to help others who deserve it and I am very loyal. I also have stood up for others my whole life (and myself out of necessity) and speak up to people, often at the cost of putting myself in harm’s way–I mean physical fights at times. I wrote about what happened to me on WP because it was a lesson on intolerance, not some way to draw attention to myself or to up my stats as some think (funny!). Many people did show up after I posted and the best reply came from someone who never even responds to my comments on their blog–totally surprised me. I thought certain people who I’ve been very supportive of could have said something a little more personal or profound. I noticed that you never showed up and that is what saddened me, as I thought I had really reached out to you (on my own volition) several times. So, I moved on. Then I got attacked again and all but 1 good friend named Dawn (also call her D) showed up. It was a lesson learned!

      I’ve lost so many people due to getting sick as they really weren’t my friends. I don’t trust people and am even worse now due to WP and this experience. All very sad. I’m aware there are people who don’t have your back or turn a blind eye (common theme on here now), but I only do 50/50 friendships at this stage in my life–we all should! I know my posts are long and you have a career and sick daughter, so I have more time on my hands, but when weeks go by, I just tend to write people off. I hope that won’t be the case. I’m trying to be a more forgiving person, but my guard is always up. So, that’s me. Hopefully we can clear the air. I believe honesty is the best policy and am aware some people hate confrontation (I prefer the word “discourse”). I accidentally stopped following you when deleting someone and didn’t re-follow, but I can change that if we can have a common understanding. Not a drama person here–just can’t deal with the 90/10! Btw, I’m just going by A now and removed my name from 200 comments–that was fun! Plus, having to add the Disclosure and on and on. So, more perspective into what all this did to me.

      Hope we can get back to how it was…

      • Career? It’s bad. Would you believe I have no career. I’m a medical writer, biologist, teacher, medical transcriptionist, entrepreneur but I can’t do anything. I have been “giving” most of my time to the daughter that people tell me is fine (although she can’t walk to go anywhere – not even her physio session). This has completely consumed my life and my own self if that makes any sense.

        I’m now struggling financially and have my two girls with me – not so obvious. I do have a mother who helps me tremendously but she is blind so it makes me feel like crap (although I am still very busy helping her).

        So anyway, I was called in school to replace a chemistry teacher for three days which really helps – in many ways, especially mentally for me. It also means that when I’m away, I “hope” Genny will be OK. She suffers from panic attack and agarophobia and that is a huge stress for me.

        I logged on to check on you before leaving as I was looking forward and hoping for your reply. 🙂

        I hope you have a good sun night (if there is sun out there which of course I assume). I do hope we can remain friends.

  6. Sorry, Sheep. You mention working and your career a lot (I was confused on the teaching + working at a hospital), but presumed you freelanced or whatnot. Actually, due to all that, I didn’t understand why you didn’t just fly to Maryland for a Dx! Now it makes more sense. Well, welcome to my world of motel living! It’s hard to understand what people deal with on WP, aside from what they write or the few chats in between. As my illness doesn’t affect anyone in my family but me since they don’t care, it’s admirable that you do so much, which I’ve told you many times before (that you’re such a great mom!). I do hope we can remain friends, but if you’re not getting anything but more stress from WP, then I get why you aren’t that involved. Makes sense to my logical mind!
    Talk soon I hope.

    • Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m embarrassed by my life situation or my professional status. And maybe that’s why I get into such ruts. But then again, I was reading a patient information sheet on dysautonomia in children and got that it is very difficult for parents living with an affected child – both financially and otherwise. The only thing is I’m all of the parents. So lately, every time I think of myself as a crappy person, I try to remind myself of what I read and not to be so hard on myself.

      I’m sorry to hear that your family have no clue – because really, I assume that is what it is. If they truly didn’t care, they would have to be void of human emotions. I’ve been through a lot with my siblings regarding the state of my daughter and still am – it has to be because they don’t understand. But luckily, my mother and some of my friends are VERY supportive. It is awful and am terribly saddened by the fact that you find yourself on your own like that. Life can be very cruel.

      About Maryland, yes, I simply cannot afford it. It’s awful because that would be an obvious solution. But then last week, my best friend from Montreal asked me where in the States she could be seen for a diagnosis as she and her husband would take care of it. It’s almost inconceivable to me that that is a possibility now. She is waiting for an answer.

      Who do you know in Maryland and where is the clinic? It’s hard to believe I can’t find anyone in Canada and that the clinic in Halifax that calls itself a “connective tissue disorder clinic” have no clue about anything that’s out of the scope of MVP or other heart conditions. I was told during a consult with their orthopedic surgeon that it was impossible for Gen to have EDS. I know for sure that if it’s not EDS it’s at least JHS and that she is greatly impaired by dysautonomia. The latter diagnosis was given to her by our family physician and we are seeing a neurologist for the relative tests on May 8th in Montreal. It’s always scary as I can’t stand to be told there is nothing wrong with Gen. It’s to the point where I’m afraid of seeing a new doctor. Last week, I found out from the physiotherapist that a letter had been sent to our health center stating Gen doesn’t have EDS and that she has to exercise and so on… the whole thing of course minimizing her current physical state and again pushing back in any chance for me to get help at home for her. Not sure what to do with that but I would want for the letter to be removed from her file as the previous stress test results showed that she significantly “deconditioned” (which of course I understand many physicians relate to her lack of exercise).

      • Forgot to add that the geneticist that diagnosed me (I had to drive to a nearby state) did a residency at Johns Hopkins, so that is why she was an EDS expert. 🙂

      • An EDS expert is what we need. Yet, the guy in Halifax called himself (at least that was my understanding) an EDS expert. It’s all pretty scary and what we need to do is to go somewhere where they are open enough to at least admit that something is wrong. What I find here is that if it doesn’t fit within the scope of specific “guidelines”, then it’s all good and it doesn’t matter that her aldosterone levels are up in the roof and that her TSH and BP fluctuates like crazy. I don’t think my daughter is a complicated case. I think that she has EDS or JHS (whatever they WANT to call it) and that she is impaired by a somewhat broken ANS as many people are. We are waiting for an appointment with a genetics clinic but now I’m afraid that like the others – who by the way are affiliated to them – they will tell us it’s all good. WE need to get our life back and all it takes is for her condition to be recognized so that she can receive proper care. My daughter says she is willing to deal with the pain, but cannot do anything if she can’t stand or sit up.

        Anyway, I know I’m ranting. Sorry.

        Who was your expert A?

        It’s nice and sunny here for a change and the snow has stopped falling! Hope you have a good sun night!

  7. Hi Sheep,

    I truly had no idea about your career situation as you never revealed it. I really don’t know the story there but I wouldn’t beat yourself up about that or your general life situation. Obviously, if you could make it all go away, you would (like me!).

    About Maryland–it’s Johns Hopkins which is the EDS center of the US–people who have the means travel out there for everything. The most common name that comes up is Dr. Clair Francomano, who has a private practice and is very good from everything I’ve heard and provides a huge report after the appt., but attended JH and is probably affiliated with it. She is an internist but works in a genetics clinic per my understanding.

    I have Type II and I don’t have POTS or dysautonomia or any of the issues your daughter deals with–not sure if this is more of a HEDS thing or what? I would definitely call before going anywhere as there are people that have both conditions and do not have EDS, but you did say once that her body doesn’t move correctly–I have mild hypermobility so not a human pretzel as Type II affects collagen V and does other exciting things to my body!

    Another doctor who frequently comes up is Dr. Brad Tinkle, who apparently is in Chicago now (from Cincinnati).

    If you have a friend willing to help–I’d go for it, and I’m someone who has no real idea what help is! You need an answer to this…

    Talk soon,

    • Thank you so much A! I will look this up, contact them, and let you know.

      Whether she has EDS or JHS it doesn’t matter. What matters really is that something is done to control her metabolic and other system issues. Our family physician was also telling us recently that it may be that her insulin has been high for way too long which also causes veins to become distended (haven’t looked it up) – now that she’s on Metformin, maybe it will help to a certain extent. But then of course she’d need the right dosage and that’s another story.

      Her link to (at least) JHS is that her hypermobility has been causing a significant amount of pain since she’s been 5 – other problems started way before that as a baby. During the last few years where she was a little more active she suffered from sprains a lot – mainly her shoulders and her feet. She also has a lot of stretchmarks in odd places (inside her thighs, under her arms, around her lower waist). She has of course the white blueish skin tone and although her skin is quite soft, it is not elastic. Her mobility is very striking although the orthopedist didn’t think so (he has got to be a little off – I mean it’s to a point where her knees pop sideways).

      • No problem and don’t worry about needing to rant. Those docs are the most mentioned and I’ve heard very good things about Dr. Francomano, as mentioned. I would suggest mailing or faxing a report from your daughter’s PCP in advance so that you won’t waste your time, of course,

        Per the elastic skin, mine is mildly elastic and more so in certain areas (like my arms–odd?). This is a big issue in Type I. Type II (me) affects collagen V. It would not be necessary for a Dx of HEDS, regardless. The big problem is when you research EDS, you get all the types rolled into one and now that I have a few pamphlets I print out for my docs, it’s the same story… “No, I’m not a human pretzel!” I think you have seen some very bad docs up there, too. Hypermobility syndrome (have heard this called by different names) doesn’t cause pain, so I would rule that out if she has pain. The normal hypermobile crowd are the ballerinas and Cirque du Soleil types. Lol! Well, true. I have very low BP w/o POTS although I do get dizzy if I’m crouching–horrid for my knees-and then stand up. My BP is usually in the 80s/60s. This is due to my veins weakening and stretching out, so part of EDS. A new cardiologist I just saw for my MVP said this is actually protecting my connective tissue. Who knew? He has little knowledge of EDS, per usual. Oh, all my docs are anonymous so I can’t name the geneticist (I just saw her once to get a Dx), but seems about any good geneticist in the US can diagnose EDS–there are only so many genetic diseases! Plus, HEDS (Type III) is the most common, unlike mine which is 1/50,000, and POTS and dysautonomia seem to be par for the course there.

        My best advice (if interested) is to take up your friend’s request to help, figure out if Baltimore or Chicago is more doable or which doc is more to your liking (not sure if Dr. F takes children, but a teen is nearly an adult to me). However, Chicago is a much nicer and semi-safer city (my family is from there and I connected out of O’Hare to get to Montreal. Well, I’ve never been to Baltimore–just heard horror stories from people who were from there. Then, I’d send off all the reports you can to make sure you’re barking up the right tree. Also, due to our crappy insurance system, some docs give a cash discount, FYI. They may have discounts with nearby hotels due to the large number of people that travel out-of-state to see them. I’ve dealt with that before. Ask, ask, ask! That’s what I do when it comes to dealing with the American Healthcare System–welcome aboard! At least you’ll be with top docs, wherever you end up.

        Talk soon (off to bed)!
        A 🙂

      • Thank you so much A for all the amazing info!

        Regarding ballerinas, when Gen was 9 and 10 I had enrolled her in Russian ballet in Montreal. The real lessons thought by professional dancers. Within a year, she was promoted to a group, the members of which had been dancing for 6 years. So there she was all tiny and young with 18 to 20 year-old dancers – and they would use her to display muscle positions and movements during the lessons. By the end of the year, they wanted to send her to Canadian competition, saying she would “come in” for sure. That’s when she dropped the lessons as she was so exhausted and having panic attacks (I knew something was up but I didn’t understand what was happening to her at the time).

  8. You’re welcome. Interesting story! As I said, I am not (nor was) overly hypermobile, but I also had rather perfect health and no pain until one day in my late 20s, when my neck started killing and then it spread like wildfire. I have read numerous stories w/EDS–those who are born with dislocated hips and are a mess from birth, those who get symptomatic in childhood or teens, those like me, or those like my mother, who aside from a possible ocular condition related to it, had no EDS issues until she got osteoarthritis and MVP in her 50s or so. It’s a spectrum disorder in terms of severity (of all types) and the onset of it all. My only issue as a kid (as told by the geneticist) was that I would w-sit. No one knew that was bad or a sign of something huge like EDS–everyone just thought it was weird that I sat like a frog!
    A 🙂

  9. dyspatient says:

    Well, I’m hoping you don’t stop blogging entirely. I take breaks now and then, especially when I am feeling the DDD (deep dark despair) and/or when my life gets too tough to manage. I’m still working full time, for now, and I usually write in the mornings before work. The last month or so, the mornings have been exceptionally hard. I wanted to write, check in, but I was feeling blocked and drained (both at once, again, a paradox). I miss my blogging friends who leave, and I hope that whatever it was that stopped them posting was not entirely bad. Don’t let the bastards get you down too much. ❤

  10. Thanks, D. I was over what happened the 1st time but when it happened again by a blogging friend, I was just out for the count. Talking things out with Sheep helped and I started a draft this weekend, so guess I’m still in. I have a mild case of OCD (or ?) and when I start something, I kill myself and have to give 200%, so it’s all or nothing. All the laptop time is really killing me, but I just hope I can get things back to normal on here. The only breaks on here were post-op with the 20/400 vision and white screen that looked like the sun! So, still a WP blogger and learned a sad lesson in the process…
    A 🙂

  11. Been wanting to change my characters for you A. Will definetly look into it. 🙂 So glad you are writing another post! I tend to keep away from long or complicated posts so that I keep a highter level of energy when I need to write for my clients. It’s very demanding – mentally at least. So I can’t imagine what it’s like for you with your eyesight!

    • Thanks, Sheep! It is a total nightmare, and that’s not including my stupid body pain! Don’t worry about your blog, again–I use my zoomer in Chrome non-stop online. I couldn’t use the laptop w/o it. I lose a lot of the page, so I can’t use the notifications box in WP, etc. but it’s good enough the rest of the time. My biggest issue is that I have to sit in the recliner in here due to my back. Due to that (and being upside-down–haha), I can’t use a wireless mouse, which would be soooo much better. I have a stiff mouse on the laptop and my fingers are subluxing enough but then I injured my R. wrist and know it’s from the mouse and overuse now as I was never online much before blogging. Well, it is what it is. I’m a fast typist, but my fingers will get off at times since I can’t see the damn keyboard well and then it’s all gibberish on the screen! What to do? I like short posts (and long posts) so do whatever works for you. As mentioned, I think I’m still in grad school as I never quit anything so just finishing up some theses on here… Lol!

      • It’s funny how a lot of what you say – pain and special needs, except for your eyesight of course – sounds just like what my daughter is going through. Last week she told me we need to think of her using the kitchen sink instead of the bathroom one because she can no longer open the faucets. It’s the pain and hardship of moving… I wish the world would know what this is like. Lets write a book with a chapter per person… really. People need to know – and then we’ll send it to Oprah. 😉

      • LOl! Love Oprah! I think the problem with EDS is that, in my opinion, there is such a huge spectrum–not just within each type. With some old meds, my pain (the one that keeps me from doing anything) has shrunk to my upper body and involves horrid muscle spasms/rock hard knots all over my jaw, neck, shoulders, and upper back. If I could just dissect myself, I could function and have a life! The injured shoulder/wrist and finger issues would not keep me form working or having a life. Then we have your daughter, who is all over between the POTS and the pain (and ?), and D with the horrid GI issues and POTS and spots of pain in a random fashion (seems more normal) that I presume move around. It’s almost like we have different disease, like how KC shows up in my type more. So frustrating, as we all want to find someone just like us, not that I’m dissatisfied w/you guys! Well, we’ll keep the book option open!
        A 🙂

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