Today, Moush Moush will be feasting on a meal of fresh rats if I can find some in this building.  It’s a celebration!  She had surgery for myxosarcoma 6 months ago and from her oncology appointment last month, she appears to be cancer-free still and has no signs of metastatic disease.  While her oncologist wasn’t doing cartwheels since he prefers to count years, I was doing them in my head.

The median recurrence for feline soft tissue sarcomas is 79 days, or less than 3 months.  So, while Moush Moush isn’t in the free and clear, she’s beaten the odds so far.  She is still taking Palladia—a newer, targeted cancer drug that works to prevent recurrence and even shrink inoperable tumors, but only if the cancer has a specific genetic mutation.  This was Moush Moush’s only hope per her oncologist.

We don’t know if Moush Moush has the genetic mutation, although I am hoping that reaching this 6-month milestone means that she does.  She had this same cancer 4 years ago, which resulted in an amputation of her front leg that should have been curative, especially after so many years, so if this were a recurrence of the original cancer due to the tumor being where her arm once was, it would be even more aggressive. Soft tissue sarcomas are very aggressive in general and have a poor prognosis if on the body due to the inability to get clean, wide margins—unless Palladia works, of course.

When Moush Moush’s regular veterinarian did a biopsy of the tumor I found this summer and called with the results, there wasn’t any hope and I literally fell to pieces as she’s all I have left, but her doctor told me to call her former oncologist just in case there were any new treatments.  I had little hope, but thanks to the fabulous, specialty surgeon, her oncologist, and hopefully Palladia—a magic bullet of sorts—I still have Moush Moush by my side.

We have an even closer relationship as I know how close I was to losing her and I can only hope that despite many more follow-ups and tests, this is truly behind us forever.

Perhaps we got a break, at last.

Update: As of today, July 12, 2014, Moush Moush has been in remission for exactly one year.  I hope with all my might that the Palladia continues to work to control the myxosarcoma she developed again a year ago.  I wanted to offer hope to my readers who are trying Palladia for their own pet(s).  My heart is with you…

Just a present.

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  1. Bhavya says:

    Hopefully you both will be in the punk of health for many more tomorrows to come. 🙂
    Did you have any luck finding those mice?

    • Hi Bhavya!

      Ahhh, I went to your blog ions ago and never heard from you so I wasn’t sure if you were still blogging, but I guess so. Well, no rats thus far, but there is a mouse trap in the laundry room in here, but I’m rather afraid to open it up and find a decaying thing in there! Moush Moush prefers fresh, sewer rats from when we lived back home and she was outdoors a lot (very finicky)! Haha. If I didn’t like rats so much, I’d buy one at the pet store for her to have some fun with, but then I’d be in tears. I live with a serial killer I tell you!

      Hope you are doing well and good to hear from you,
      A 🙂

  2. ShimonZ says:

    Good for Moush Moush… may she have a long and happy life.

    • Thank you, Shimon. I so hope she does! Moush Moush is a very happy cat despite having to be indoors–she likes to sit in bed all day and night and be waited on hand and foot, or sleep in funny shapes, so what else could a cat ask for? 🙂

  3. liljodzx says:

    I’m glad moush moush is okay! 🙂 he looks gorgeous ❤

    • Thank you so much! Moush Moush (actually a girl–confusing with the mustache!) had no real chance this second round, so I’m just hoping this new, breakthrough cancer medication is truly working. It’s so scary when pets we are so close to get such an awful diagnosis (x2). Luckily, vet medicine has come along way in the US since we’re a little pet-obsessed across the pond.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts–we’re not out of the woods, but my anxiety is a bit better.
      A 🙂

  4. dyspatient says:

    Sorry I’m just seeing this now, crazy time at work. But oh my god, I’m so glad that she’s responding to the treatment! Hoooray! Give that kitty a kiss for me!

    • Thanks and will do! 🙂 I had a little accident with my head over a week ago and haven’t been online–managed to post a draft I had and that was about it. Argh! Moush celebrated 200 days yesterday and my brain is such a mess I forgot! So, she got a belated smooch today and still isn’t sure what all the fuss is about.

      Talk soon (still on the mend) and hope work calms down!

      • dyspatient says:

        “A little accident” that left you messed up for more than a week? That sounds like more than a little accident!

        Have you noticed that we need a term other than “feel better”? “feel better from this acute thing, but I’m not commanding you to feel ‘all better’ because I know that doesn’t happen for you and I don’t want to lay that on you right now, when you’re dealing with not just the day to day crap but whatever this new thing is…” just seems a bit wordy.

      • I got you. I need to write a post on “the little accident” when I’m back to my normal crappy self. About the feeling better comment, I hate having to say it to the non-chronically ill! They make such a fuss over a little illness, accident, surgery, etc. and get all the flowers and cards and “feel better” comments while we just get ignored or, gasp, get called complainers for dealing with chronic pain and illness for years and years. Argh. I’ll have to think about what people should say to me, but I have a long list of what NOT to say!

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