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“Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.”

Mahatma Gandhi


I am an ethnic minority in America and as a result, I moderate all comments and have a zero-tolerance policy for ignorant bigots and intolerant, religious zealots.

I have a liberal attitude and like-minded individuals of ALL backgrounds are encouraged to visit, comment, like, and ask questions.  I do reply to every comment from those allowed on my blog out of common courtesy and because I like to talk to people!  My posts are brutally honest and I write from a minority perspective with a dry sense of humor.  I am very streetwise and quick to judge people as a result, and I freely make fun of people who can be productive members of society, but choose not to.  I cannot help the fact that I am now disabled and not the productive citizen I once was, but they can and should.  I stand behind everything I post on WordPress.

I do not respond to spammers or likers who think blogging is a competitive sport.  I am sick and have low vision and these people are a waste of my time.  However, if you get a like from me, know that I did read your post and liked it for a reason.  If you leave a comment that does not get posted, it is because it looks like spam and spammers’ comments come in various forms, including non-specific flattery.

As this is a blog on health issues, please note that I have no formal training in healthcare, but am well-educated and do source all that I can.  Please see a doctor if you need medical care, but I am open to sharing my experiences further or providing resources—just ask!  However, due to the litigious society I live in, all of my doctors are anonymous and I do not reveal their names.  Nonetheless, the purpose of my blog is to help others play the hand they were dealt, as well.

6 thoughts on “Disclosure

  1. wellbeingdawn101 says:

    Nice disclosure. I applaud your honesty and open mindedness and I heartily agree with your inability to tolerate bigots and religious nuts. Kudos to you my friend.


  2. Thanks for your support and like-minded thoughts! Just keepin’ it real over here, my friend.
    A 🙂

  3. coolperson1 says:

    Don’t feel obliged to put your photo as an avatar.I think it’s better to be private.

    • Thanks and I recognize your name and understand your comment. I’ve had my eye as my Gravatar since the beginning as this blog was only to be about my experience with a new surgery that halts the progression of my corneal disease, and then look what happened! So, the eye it shall be. My brother created my blog last year, so I had nothing to do with any of it as I could hardly see! I appreciate your comment and while it’s nice to put a face with a blog, it’s not really necessary to connect with someone in my opinion.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. AJ Jones says:

    HI! I just stumbled upon your page in doing research for Keratoconus. I have it and I just had CXL done a few weeks ago. No one around me understands what I deal with when it comes to this disease. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness and joy to see that someone like me is out there and can put into words what I deal with on a daily basis. You’re so strong. I know you’re across the country from me, but I feel like as I was reading your posts, you were holding my hand and we both said to each other “It’ll be okay.” I don’t know your name (either I can’t find it or you didn’t post it lol), but FRIEND, I thank you for your blog. You have really shone a light in my direction. I appreciate your existence.

    P.S. I really hope I don’t sound creepy, you just don’t know what your words have done for me.

    • Hi AJ,

      Thanks so much for your nice message. I’m glad my posts were helpful to you. We don’t have a good forum online for KCers so it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one with this disease. Well, I don’t do FB so maybe you can find something on there! I’m glad you got CXL; it will help a lot. I am 5 years post-op and one eye has held (no progression) and the other eye went in a few months last summer, but it stopped progressing again (I am blind in that eye now, unfortunately). Don’t worry! My case is very. very strange and my CXL surgeon believes this happened due to the genetic disease I have that caused the KC. Everyone else I’ve talked to through the years who had epi-off CXL like me has held and that’s what the studies show.

      I’m sorry I’m not blogging anymore, but I still get messages. My laptop is getting harder to see, but I am still trying! And, I don’t use my real name on here due to some issues I had when I started my blog. My apologies.

      Hang in there (and you are not alone at all),
      A ❤

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