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“Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.”

Mahatma Gandhi


I am an ethnic minority in America and as a result, I moderate all comments and have a zero-tolerance policy for ignorant bigots and intolerant, religious zealots.

I have a liberal attitude and like-minded individuals of ALL backgrounds are encouraged to visit, comment, like, and ask questions.  I do reply to every comment from those allowed on my blog out of common courtesy and because I like to talk to people!  My posts are brutally honest and I write from a minority perspective with a dry sense of humor.  I am very streetwise and quick to judge people as a result, and I freely make fun of people who can be productive members of society, but choose not to.  I cannot help the fact that I am now disabled and not the productive citizen I once was, but they can and should.  I stand behind everything I post on WordPress.

I do not respond to spammers or likers who think blogging is a competitive sport.  I am sick and have low vision and these people are a waste of my time.  However, if you get a like from me, know that I did read your post and liked it for a reason.  If you leave a comment that does not get posted, it is because it looks like spam and spammers’ comments come in various forms, including non-specific flattery.

As this is a blog on health issues, please note that I have no formal training in healthcare, but am well-educated and do source all that I can.  Please see a doctor if you need medical care, but I am open to sharing my experiences further or providing resources—just ask!  However, due to the litigious society I live in, all of my doctors are anonymous and I do not reveal their names.  Nonetheless, the purpose of my blog is to help others play the hand they were dealt, as well.

4 thoughts on “Disclosure

  1. wellbeingdawn101 says:

    Nice disclosure. I applaud your honesty and open mindedness and I heartily agree with your inability to tolerate bigots and religious nuts. Kudos to you my friend.


  2. Thanks for your support and like-minded thoughts! Just keepin’ it real over here, my friend.
    A 🙂

  3. coolperson1 says:

    Don’t feel obliged to put your photo as an avatar.I think it’s better to be private.

    • Thanks and I recognize your name and understand your comment. I’ve had my eye as my Gravatar since the beginning as this blog was only to be about my experience with a new surgery that halts the progression of my corneal disease, and then look what happened! So, the eye it shall be. My brother created my blog last year, so I had nothing to do with any of it as I could hardly see! I appreciate your comment and while it’s nice to put a face with a blog, it’s not really necessary to connect with someone in my opinion.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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